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The World Commission on Dams: then and now

On 16 November 2000, the World Commission on Dams (WCD) launched its final report in London, in the presence of Nelson Mandela. This event marked the conclusion of an unlikely process.

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Landslide Risks and Transformative Adaptation Agenda

The agency of the state with its power of authority, including that to regulate the market, must better coordinate external support and enhance community efforts, and improve the scale and integrity of adaptive efforts as the climate change crisis rages

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SmartPaani: Rainwater Harvesting System as a Social Business Enterprise

SmartPaani’s journey provides useful lessons to Nepal’s policy makers and households about the role social business enterprise that practice fair business play in providing such services. Pursuing a fair business practice, SmartPaani will bring new perspectives and make the company a part of sustainable drinking water solutions in Nepal.

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