Initiative for healthy nature, rivers, and people.

Ecosystems and Biodiversity

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My trysts with rivers

A river has democracy, too. If people respect this democracy, the river will respect people. Otherwise, it will only bring trouble.

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Snow’s journey on Earth (Hiun ko Prithivi Yatra)

What if a river were a character in a play? What would the river say if it could speak? How would it roar in anger? How would a river express happiness when it was free to move and flow? How would it show agony when its flow was constrained?

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Morisika: Mirage the story of the boatman

It began one winter morning by the banks of the Brahmaputra in Tezpur, Assam. Enveloped by thick fog, one can’t see where the river ends and the sky begins. The was a muffled silence interrupted by bird calls and the sound of the river. Suddenly, we heard a voice in the distance singing. A break in the fog and out came a small boat with a man in a red sweater rowing and singing. There he was, an elderly fisherman from the fishing village singing a song about the river passed down from mother to son. A song that lives only in his memory and nowhere else now.  We met him as he pulled up his boat to the river bank and thus began the journey of Morisika; The Story of the Boatman.

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Rethinking the Commons

Urban planners and architects need to see rural and urban not in silos, but as integrated eco-systems.

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Weathering Ecological Disruptions

We need to begin narratives about the challenges that the new but degraded local riverine ecology across the India-Nepal border pose. Local communities across the border must come together to co-produce sustainable water solutions.

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