Sustainable Water Solutions

The World Commission on Dams: then and now

-Christopher Schulz and Bill Adams
On 16 November 2000, the World Commission on Dams (WCD) launched its final report in London, in the presence of Nelson Mandela. This event marked the conclusion of an unlikely process. WCD was composed of...

Landslide Risks and Transformative Adaptation Agenda

-Sanchita Neupane
I visited Belkotgadhi Village, Ward No. 3 of Nepal’s Nuwakot District in April, 2022. The onset of the monsoon would still be a month away. During my visit, I met Muna (name changed) and her two children – 10 year old...

Living Waters of the Martuwarra/Fitzroy River, Australia

-Sarah Laborde
A research project led by scientists at the Australian Rivers Institute, and designed with Traditional Owners of the Martuwarra, has developed powerful new insights into different ways of knowing and valuing water.

Climate change is disrupting Himalayan rivers, policies must keep up

-Aditya Valiathan Pillai
The latest IPCC report on climate impacts, adaptation and vulnerability brings alarming news to the Himalaya and, by extension, South Asia. It provides further evidence that global warming has melted...

The temporal politics and ethics of hydropower development in the Himalayas

-Austin L. Lord, Georgina Drew, and Mabel Denzin Gergan
Why have plans for hydropower development in the Himalayan region waxed and waned over the years? In what ways are the contested landscapes of Himalayan hydropower...

Adaptation of Paddy Cultivation to Changes in Monsoon Season in Nepal

-Gehendra B. Gurung
Nepal’s Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) considered normal arrival in eastern and departure dates of South Asian Monsoon in Nepal (SAM-N) to be June 10 and September 23 respectively. With these dates...

Nepal’s Local Adaptation Plans for Action (LAPA): A Reflection

-Dinesh Acharya
Climate change is a global phenomenon, but its impacts are local, and the impacts become more widespread as the pace of change increases. In a country like Nepal, whose geographic, ecological and social diversities are...

Stewardship of Nepal’s Rivers and Water Resources for Multiple Uses

-George F. Taylor II, Nilu Basnyat, and Allen G. Turner
Fragmentation of rivers by dam building, loss of aquatic biodiversity and careful attention to dependent local livelihoods are rising global concerns. These concerns are also being raised in Nepal where investment in...

Rejuvenating Springs, Streams and Small Rivers: The Importance of Starting Small

Indira Khurana Ph.D.
A river is a living ecosystem and a generous provider. Cultures and civilization, arts and folklore, food cultivation and livelihoods have centered around rivers. Communities often introduce themselves by associating themselves with the river that flows...

Rethinking the Commons

-Vishal Narain
Commons are under threat. In India, and elsewhere in South Asia, communities collectively managed natural resources like lakes, wetlands, ponds, grazing lands and pastures. These commons played an important role in sustaining local livelihoods. In particular, they were important for small and...

SmartPaani: Rainwater Harvesting System as a Social Business Enterprise

-Suman Shakya
In the 1980s, I was a student in a school in Kalimpong, the picturesque town of West Bengal, India. The town faced severe shortages of drinking water and a family would receive supply in turn. Those with resources would get a connection for a price, but...

Can the Colorado River Sustain More Population Growth?

-Gary Wockner
News reports about the Colorado River over the last few months have been intense and depressing. The first ever "cuts" in water deliveries out of the river to Arizona and Nevada took hold last week, with more cuts likely coming to more...

Urban Floods are Becoming More Deadly

-Ajaya Dixit
South Asia is in its peak monsoon season, and floods are increasingly becoming grave threats to the region’s population. Nepal, this year, is facing massive impact from floods and landslides. I ponder on how climate change will exacerbate these events and...

2020 Hyderabad Floods: Reviving Lakes and Reforming Water Education

- Dr. Jasveen Jairath
In August 2000, the city of Hyderabad in central India recorded a total of 469 mm of rain in one day. It led to one of the worst floods in the city since 1908 when the Mosi River was...

Community-Centred Flood Early Warning System in Nepal

- Dinanath Bhandari
Flood disasters cause significant loss and damage in Nepal. In an effort to minimize the impacts of flood disasters, strategies for risk reduction, including community-based flood early...

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