Sustainable Water Solutions

The Increasing Heat: An Unfolding Disaster in South Asia

It is hard to overstate the impact that heat will have on South Asia. Poorer health, reduced human and agricultural productivity (and the resulting decreases in income), less efficient power generation, and increased urbanization, internal and external migration, among its...

Holistic Approach for Integrated Water Governance

Over the last several millennia, river basins have been the cradles of many human civilizations. That dependence continues today. However, with economic growth becoming the paramount objective of the present uses of water,  river basins have become an open playing field for a...

Water Challenges in South Asia

Some of the most pressing problems facing South Asia’s waterscape relate to worrying trends in public health, infrastructure development, and climate change. These trends exacerbate already-existing threats that plague South Asia: flooding, water scarcity, groundwater overdraft, pollution, degradation of rivers...

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