Welcome to SoANaS

We are a group of South Asians with passion for healthy rivers for nature, people and fresh water beings. We are guided by the principle of indivisibility and integrity of the hydrological cycle as central to the wellbeing of natural ecosystems and people.

We host South Asia Nadi Sambad [South Asia River Dialogue] (SoANaS) an online platform. This platform is incubated by ISET-Nepal based in Kathmandu.   SoANaS aims to foster greater dialogue and sharing of perspectives among sectors, disciplines, epistemologies, ontologies, geographic regions, and generations. The ideas while helping seek a mosaic of water solutions in the region and broaden the debate on water management.

2020 Hyderabad Floods: Reviving Lakes and Reforming Water Education

- Dr. Jasveen Jairath
In August 2000, the city of Hyderabad in central India recorded a total of 469 mm of rain in one day. It led to one of the worst floods in the city since 1908 when the Mosi River was...

Community-Centred Flood Early Warning System in Nepal

- Dinanath Bhandari
Flood disasters cause significant loss and damage in Nepal. In an effort to minimize the impacts of flood disasters, strategies for risk reduction, including community-based flood early...

Covid-19: A Clarion Call for Conscientious Capitalism

-Dr. Samar Verma
A century from now, historians would see Covid19 and the year 2020 as a turning point in human history; a moment of reckoning when the philosophy of human progress itself would have evolved to dismantle...