Welcome to SoANaS

We are a group of South Asians with passion for healthy rivers for nature, people and fresh water beings. We are guided by the principle of indivisibility and integrity of the hydrological cycle as central to the wellbeing of natural ecosystems and people.

We host South Asia Nadi Sambad [South Asia River Dialogue] (SoANaS) an online platform. This platform is incubated by ISET-Nepal based in Kathmandu.   SoANaS aims to foster greater dialogue and sharing of perspectives among sectors, disciplines, epistemologies, ontologies, geographic regions, and generations. The ideas while helping seek a mosaic of water solutions in the region and broaden the debate on water management.

Rejuvenating Springs, Streams and Small Rivers: The Importance of Starting Small

Indira Khurana Ph.D.
A river is a living ecosystem and a generous provider. Cultures and civilization, arts and folklore, food cultivation and livelihoods have centered around rivers. Communities often introduce themselves by associating themselves with the river that flows...

Rethinking the Commons

-Vishal Narain
Commons are under threat. In India, and elsewhere in South Asia, communities collectively managed natural resources like lakes, wetlands, ponds, grazing lands and pastures. These commons played an important role in sustaining local livelihoods. In particular, they were important for small and...

SmartPaani: Rainwater Harvesting System as a Social Business Enterprise

-Suman Shakya
In the 1980s, I was a student in a school in Kalimpong, the picturesque town of West Bengal, India. The town faced severe shortages of drinking water and a family would receive supply in turn. Those with resources would get a connection for a price, but...