Welcome to SoANaS

We are a group of South Asians with passion for healthy rivers for nature, people and fresh water beings. We are guided by the principle of indivisibility and integrity of the hydrological cycle as central to the wellbeing of natural ecosystems and people.

We host South Asia Nadi Sambad [South Asia River Dialogue] (SoANaS) an online platform. This platform is incubated by ISET-Nepal based in Kathmandu.   SoANaS aims to foster greater dialogue and sharing of perspectives among sectors, disciplines, epistemologies, ontologies, geographic regions, and generations. The ideas while helping seek a mosaic of water solutions in the region and broaden the debate on water management.

The World Commission on Dams: then and now

-Christopher Schulz and Bill Adams
On 16 November 2000, the World Commission on Dams (WCD) launched its final report in London, in the presence of Nelson Mandela. This event marked the conclusion of an unlikely process. WCD was composed of...

Landslide Risks and Transformative Adaptation Agenda

-Sanchita Neupane
I visited Belkotgadhi Village, Ward No. 3 of Nepal’s Nuwakot District in April, 2022. The onset of the monsoon would still be a month away. During my visit, I met Muna (name changed) and her two children – 10 year old...

Living Waters of the Martuwarra/Fitzroy River, Australia

-Sarah Laborde
A research project led by scientists at the Australian Rivers Institute, and designed with Traditional Owners of the Martuwarra, has developed powerful new insights into different ways of knowing and valuing water.